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Product Info

EzyDog DFD Micro Flotation Vest

Manufacturer: EzyDog

Extra Small Dog Life Jackets with Big Movement

Our Micro Doggy Flotation Vests are designed so that our smaller dogs can have just as much fun in the water as our retrievers. This ultra-light, ultra-buoyant life jacket is designed to help the smaller dogs maintain an easy, natural swimming position.

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Product Information

  • For small dogs 15 lbs. and smaller
  • 50% more floatation while not restricting swim movement
  • Reflective details provide better visibility at night
  • Adjustable micro straps create a secure, comfortable fit
  • Durable construction free-moving construction
  • An ergonomic grab handle so you can pull your dog to safety
  • Color Options: Red, Yellow
  • Size Options: XS, XXS, XXXS


Extra Small Dog Life Jackets (XS, XXS, XXS)

Now Go and Swim!

Size & Fitting Instructions

For best fit measure the girth of the dog. This is the area around the dog at the widest.

Measure the general back length of the dog.

Size Girth Inches Length Inches
3XS 8-14 7-9.5
2XS 10-16.5 8.5-12
XS 12-19.5 10-13.5