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  • PetEGO Walky Lock Car Lock

    Manufacturer: PetEgo

    The WalkyLock is the ultimate tool for dogs on the move! How many times have you rushed your shopping because you felt guilty about your dog being “caged” in your car. And how many times have you come back to your car just to see it transformed into “his” car, hair all over the place? The WalkyLock will make you forget all of that! Let your pet move freely inside your car’s rear while you’re away. He won’t get out and nobody will get in.   

  • PetEGO Seat Extender Back Seat Space Fillerr

    Manufacturer: PetEgo

    The innovative inflatable seat extender by PetEgo fills the space between the front and back seats of your car. Made of durable PVC-backed nylon, this seat extender is perfect for crates or large carriers and prevents pets from falling in between seats and getting injured. Able to hold up to 165 pounds, you can also use this seat extender for luggage, groceries, or anything that won't fit in the foot-well of your car. Measures 49" by 10" by 13" Electric air pump included.

  • PetEGO Mesh Automotive Pet Barrier

    Manufacturer: PetEgo

    The Mesh Barrier by Emanuele Bianchi is designed to work with the Kar 9 Keeper, the WalkyGuard or on its own. It is the ideal solution for keeping your pet from getting in the front through your bucket seats or into the rear of vans, station wagons, or SUVs. Made of durable nylon mesh, the barrier is fastened to the front seats thanks to resistant nylon belts and reinforced with removable fiberglass rods to maintain structure and stability. The quick release buckles make the barrier detachable in seconds.

  • PetEGO EB Velvet Multi-Fabric Seat Protector Rear Seat

    Manufacturer: PetEgo

    Made with high quality velvet and canvas fabrics, the EB Velvet Multi-Fabric Rear Seat Protectors provide the same high quality protection as the EB Seat Protectors. Enjoy the luxurious look and feel of rich velvet and fluffy box quilting.

  • PetEGO Pod iLove Pet Carrier car-shoulder-bike-stroller

    Manufacturer: PetEgo

    The Pod iLove is a versatile dog carrier designed to fit the Quadro Stroller, to be carried on your shoulder, to be tighten to the car seat or to be attached to your bike with the Pod iLove Bike Connection 

  • EzyDog Click Adjustable Car Restraint

    Manufacturer: EzyDog

    Dog Restraint For Dogs Who Need More Wiggle Room

    Make your dogs trip in the car a safe one while still allowing some backseat freedom. Great for keeping your pup under control while driving. Restrain them from jumping to the front seat creating a driving distraction or out the door when you just need him to stay put.

  • EzyDog Black Harness Restraint

    Manufacturer: EzyDog

    Dog Seat Belts - Sturdy, Reliable Dog Car Harness

    We love our pets and car safety can be a snap with the one size fits all dog seat belt restraint from EzyDog. Use with our dog harnesses to ensure your pup is safe in the back seat while traveling. Vehicle dog restraints have become law in several states in the US, so protect your pup while on the road.